Bonita Springs Local Area

This is where you can obtain valuable Bonita Springs local area information regarding city demographics, beaches, schools, local government, fun things to do, coupons for area restaurants, attractions, and much more.

The fabulous thing about Bonita Springs is that it has a little something for absolutely everyone! It is a wonderful beach front town, with going a tiny bit inland in Bonita Springs is the hidden gem of San Carlos Estates, which provides lots one plus acres in size and is very close to historic downtown Bonita.  If you like gambling and the flea market, they do it in style here and in flip flops.

An abundance of Bonita Springs local area information can be found at  The information ranges from median age, income, local area photos, and much more.

Golf Courses:
There are so many beautifully manicured golf courses here that finding a location to go to is simply made convenient. Bring your golf clubs, snag a golf cart, and get your golf therapy here. A golf lover’s haven!

Golf Link

World Golf

Bonita Springs has quite a few schools.  The Lee County Schools link has a wealth of information regarding the schools throughout Bonita Springs and Lee County.  San Carlos Estates has many schools that are conveniently located and a tuition-free public charter school.

Lee County Schools

Bonita Springs Charter School

Local Government and County Property Appraiser’s:
This topic always makes me go cross-eyed. Ugh, taxes and government. However, Lee County is one of the most diverse counties I have ever had the pleasure to live in. They have it going on here. Check it out:

San Carlos Estates Water Control District

Lee County Property Appraiser

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Lee County Tax Collector

Lee County Clerk of Courts

Lee County Government Offices

Lee County Social Services

Fun Things To Do:
There are so many fun things to do in the Bonita Springs area.  From hip restaurants and shops, gambling, flea markets, and nature lover’s sites.  There is something for everyone!  They even have a beach here for dogs.  It is called Bonita Springs Park and the locals call it “Dog Beach.”  Cool, huh?  Very close to the heart of downtown historic Bonita Springs is Riverside Park, which has an awesome amphitheater, festivals, river, parks, veteran’s memorial, etc.   It is super close to San Carlos Estates, too.  Do a jig – it is a true happy dance to be sooo close to this park.

Below is a wonderful list of information about Bonita Springs local area attractions, which includes coupons to events, attractions, restaurants, and more.  Enjoy!

Lee County Parks and Recreation

Everglades Wonder Gardens

Bearfoot Beach Preserve

Bonita Springs Public Beach

Bonita Springs Dog Park

Riverside Park

Flamingo Island Flea Market

Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Racing & Poker

Doc’s Beach House Restaurant

A Table Apart Restaurant

Bonita Blues Festival

Bonita Springs National Art Festivals

Coupons, coupons, coupons. . . they are here in these links.  These coupons can be used for tourists, locals, and seasonal residents.  You will like them.

Southwest Florida Travel Guide


Must Do Visitor’s Guide – Fort Myers

If you are new to town or simply looking for cool meetings and groups to meet people with similar interests, is an informative website to go to, to learn the types of groups that are out there, dates, and times of meetings.  Enjoy the social life!

In the works:
What’s supposed to go where and when? Keep your eyes peeled for these new developments: