Featured Florida Building Lots


Every vacant lot and parcel of land is special in it’s own way.  Don’t forget to check for updates, as I add to these exciting areas to buy and sell.

Some parcels of land are completely wooded, some are cleared, and some are a mixture of the two. Every person has a specific property in mind. The attractiveness of wetlands lots is the gorgeous birds and wildlife that it attracts. All the while, uplands lots have appeal for possible agricultural and horticultural type purposes, aside from decreasing the need for an environmental resource permit to construct. In general, wetlands lots tend to be less costly to purchase when compared to a comparably located upland lot. By the same token, lots containing uplands tend to run a better chance of avoiding the cost of mitigation fees to construct on wetlands. Which lot a person chooses, aside from which neighborhood or town in Florida, to purchase depends entirely on the characteristics of a lot that someone is looking for.