Local Area

This is where you can obtain valuable Naples and Bonita Springs local area information regarding city demographics, beaches, schools, local government, fun things to do, coupons for area restaurants and attractions, and so much more.

If you’re a golf lover, there are many gorgeous golf courses to choose from in Naples. You can enjoy a nice round of golf, visit pristine beaches, and relish in the 5 star restaurants and shops located in Naples. The neighborhoods Golden Gate Estates and Corkscrew located on the east side of Naples offer a breath-taking country lifestyle and are only a stone’s throw away from the unbelievably gorgeous Catholic University of Ave Maria and its beautiful world renowned Oratory.

The fabulous thing about Bonita Springs is that it has a little something for absolutely everyone! It is a wonderful beach-front town. With going a tiny bit inland in Bonita Springs is the hidden gem of San Carlos Estates, which provides lots one plus acres in size and it’s very close to historic downtown Bonita. If you like beaches, gambling, outdoor concerts, and flea markets, they do it in style here and in flip flops.