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Upland / Wetland Rules and Regulations

Valuable Lee County upland / wetland information is found here. Check out the links on this page, aside from other sources, when making your upland / wetland purchase and sales decisions. Also keep in mind that fees and information changes through the State and County from time to time. I am not an environmentalist, attorney, appraiser, or government employee. I will try to post up-to-date information, but please verify all information by going to specializing resources and:

To learn more about wetlands and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection office, this is a very useful link:
Florida Department of Environmental Protection Wetland Determinations

To learn how wetlands are determined and the required permitting to disturb wetlands areas:
Lee County Wetland Determinations and Permitting

Lee County Building & Permitting Services

The fees one pays to develop a vacant lot are known as impact fees:  
Lee County Impact Fees  

If your site requires an ERP (Environmental Resource Fee) to disturb wetlands, there will more than likely be an extra expense involved to build on the wetlands areas:
Florida Environmental Resource Permitting

Other links that I think you will find to be helpful are:Purple Flowers

Lee County Land Development Code

FL Exotic Pest Plant Council

**Flood zone designation DOES NOT necessarily CORRESPOND with Upland / Wetland areas.  A lot can be 100% Upland, yet still be 100% flood zone AH (possible flood insurance requirement).  A lot can also be 100% wetland, yet still be 100% flood zone X or X500 (no flood zone insurance requirement).  Flood zone and Upland / Wetland topics are believed to be the same topic, but they are not!