The Importance of Branding in Real Estate!

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Branding Through Business Photos and Branding Through. . ?

Have you ever noticed that most Realtor photos on business cards, etc. look soooo good.  They do!  You all look really polished and fine – that is a good thing too!

Did I make a mistake when I decided not to brand through my professional photo of myself?

Well, hopefully when I retire, my website and business will be known as the one-legged Blue Heron Realtor.  Yep, my Realtor photo is a one-legged Blue Heron from the Everglades.  I took the photo myself. 017

I see a lot of Realtors out there with their names as their domain names as well.  What if you are a very well known male Realtor and you have a daughter who becomes a Realtor.  Do you think people will follow her more as a Realtor when she inherits your business and her last name changes when she gets marred and owns John Doe dot Com with her name as Jane Jones?

I view branding as a long-term investment that can be passed on from generation to generation and even sold.  Should branding be very unique, or is it too impersonal. . . hmmm?  An all perplexing question.

If anyone out there has ideas, please let me know.  I am an open-minded person and would love to hear your feedback!  I do welcome any comments you all may have.

Branding Through Business Photos or Branding Through. . ?

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