Earn More Money – Refer Buyers and Sellers to Realtors Who Specialize

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Referral Fees Pay Nicely and Saves You Time!  

Did you know that making referrals to Realtors who specialize in vacant lots and land can earn you a larger paycheck than if you don’t?  Making referrals also saves you valuable time as well.  Many Single Family Home and Condo Realtors don’t understand the ins-and-outs of buying and selling vacant lots.  The disclosures differ and the steps a vacant lot Realtor takes to ensure the client is taken care of is so crucial to repeat business and happy clients.

  1. Earn a 25% commission for 10 minutes of your time:  So how do you earn a larger paycheck?  By referring your vacant lots and land buyers and sellers to Heidi Carlisle at Sun Realty, you will earn 25% of my commission from Sun Realty’s at closing.  So if it is a 4% commission to the selling agent / Sun Realty on a $50,000 lot, that means you would earn 25% of a $2,000 commission – $500, simply by passing your buyer or seller to me and Sun Realty.  I do not do a commission split with my broker – I receive 100% from my broker, which leaves you with a larger commission (25% of 100%).  VERY NICE!
  2. Save yourself time for prospecting:  You will not have to spend time going down the road of hard knocks to learn the intricacies of vacant lots and land sales in the various areas.  This frees up your time to do more prospecting in the area of real estate that you specialize in!  This gives you the ability to earn more.  Saving you time, gives you more time to invest in perusing your passion area and furthers your specialization.  TIME IS MONEY!
  3. Better Networking and Referrals back to you:  I don’t specialize in single family homes, condos, etc.  I love referring buyers and sellers to other agents.  By referral networking, you create long lasting relationships with me and reciprocal referrals makes everyone happy.  WHAT COMES AROUND GOES EVEN MORE AROUND!
  4. Repeat clients and repeat referral fee:  When a better service is provided by referring clients to agents who specialize, the end result usually ends up better than not.  I love a happy customer.  I smile when they come back to me for repeat business.  And guess what. . . you just created a recurring commission for yourself!!!  HAPPY CUSTOMERS MAKE REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

It doesn’t get any better than that.  It truly works!  I invite you to refer your vacant lots and land buyers and sellers. It is my passion!

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